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    Thursday 29th March, just before the Easter rush - Boranup Gallery and Cafe


    Today I've got a joke for you: "Day off!"  What's that, don't you get it?  Neither do we...never mind.

    But it just so happens that we did grab a half day on Thursday, just before the Easter rush and thought we'd go and check out what the new ooperators of the Boranup Cafe, next door to the famous Gallery, have to offer. Its a pleasant drive down Caves Road, but it becomes just a bit awesome as you enter the Boranup Forest, about 15-odd kms south of Margarets. Its a special place and has something of a Cathedral-like feel about it, to me. The Galley is still amazing as always, with a wide selection of various indoor and outdoor art, and some stunning unique locally crafted furniture pieces. But the cafe was a less inspiring. The building is unchanged, and that's OK, but it is pretty average and could use a spruce up and maybe better protection from the too-cool breezes. Our choice of meal was a Satay Chicken pie which looked delicious in the display cabinet, but I'm sorry guys, for $26 serving a dish made with a too sweet, boring, store-bought filling, and then microwaved until soggy, is just unacceptable in this region and in this day and age. There's just too much else out there (Like for example the Berry Farm's "Famous Beef and Red Wine pie" for $24, which is incomparably better). Having said that, the accompanying salad was good and so was the Yallingup Roast coffee. A table next to us had the $16 Seafood Chowder with scone, which looked generous - maybe should have had that. 

    We'd hoped to get down to Hamelin Bay, to check out the Stingrays that come right in to the shore there, guessed it, our "day off" was only until 4.00pm when we had to be back. Other guests have enthusiastically reported how much they enjoyed meeting the Rays, so it'll stay on our list.