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    11th March 18. Mum's 85th birthday. The new Amelia Park Lodge Tavern



    You may know of a little town on the Queensland side of the Gulf, called Karumba? No? Well I visited it back in the 1980's and it had the roughest pub in Australia. No kidding! More about that in a minute....

    We've been wanting to check out this new venue, and as Mum lives over that side of town, thought it'd be worth a look. The venue is STUNNING! It is just amazing what Walshes have done with this place - couldn't have done it better meself, even if I did have their sort of money! The food is advertised as sort of upmarket pub, and meets that expectation to a tee. Mum had the 100 day grain-fed Scotch fillet steak sandwich, Suzanne had the beer battered shark and I had the lean beef burger. All generous serves, really fresh and tasty and not at all expensive (2 under $20, one mid $20's) The wine and beer list is EXTENSIVE! I had one of the own Amelia Park lager beers, and the ladies shared a bottle of their Margaret River SSB. In my opinion alcohol prices are a little high, but sadly pretty normal around here. There was some live music in the very large garden area, which was pleasant, but we senoirs found it easier to converse inside. They even turned the freezing aircon off to match the lovely evening temp outside. Nice touch! But then when the band finished at about 8.00pm things headed downhill with completely inappropriate loud heavy rock and metal music on the speaker system. I mean I used to love Led Zep. even saw them live, but as dinner music? 

    Now back to Karumba. The public bar there was a corrugated tin roof, supported by steel posts with a small circular steel table around each one at about standing elbow height. Concrete floor. Bar was a cage. Sold only Barbed Wire (Four X) beer in stubbies, which, when finished were pitched into one of the 44-gallon drums around the place for that purpose. CRASH! CRASH! Didn't make for a very relaxing atmosphere, as you might imagine. Well I reckon that the head barman at the APT, must have been hired straight out of the Karumba bar. CRASH! CRASH! By this time most of the patrons (largely seniors and family groups, but all ages, really) had left. Funny that! As the pleasant atmosphere had been completely SHATTERED.....!

    Cheers, Pete

    Coming up...Its off to our local,"The Deck" at Port Geographe Marina with neighbours Graeme and Norma this Sunday night, 25th March