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Travel Insurance

Best Price get a quote here.  Unique to Inn the Tuarts!*

Sometimes it happens! In spite of all your best laid plans, due to circumstances beyond your control, you are forced to cancel your hard earned holiday. Almost all accommodation, car hire, air tickets, etc, carry various levels of penalty for cancellations/amendments

By clicking on the links/buttons below, you can get a very competitive quote and arrange your cancellation and Australian travel insurance online. Policies available for Australian, Singapore and NZ residents, too!

                   Fast Cover


So now you won't be un covered

*As far as we are aware, most accommodation websites have penalties or fees, etc for cancellation or amendments, but not one offers you the option to take out travel insurance to cover against it. Please note, too, that your "free" credit card travel insurance, usually does not cover domestic travel within Australia.


P.S. I just did a comparison with both our providers, compared to the travel insurance provided through a major retail chain at special "members rates" and BOTH Fast Cover and 1Cover provided lower prices for comparable cover. As a travel agent for many years prior to owning Inn the Tuarts, I saw first hand the agony of uninsured travellers. Get covered, its not expensive - prices start from only around $35pp - its absolutely essential! (Pete: Feb 2013)