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    NOW You can pre-book and pre-pay for ALL the Jetty, Caves and Lighthouse entry fees and tours. Send us an e-mail or click on the box when making a booking on this website. Prices start from under $20 booking through us is FREE!


    Lake Cave is a stunning pristine chamber deep beneath the earth. Inside the cave a tranquil lake reflects delicate formations that will take your breath away. Marvel at the unique 'Suspended Table' formation, which weighs several tonnes and seems to defy gravity as it hovers above the clear lake water. Visitors descend a staircase in time, with access being through a spectacular doline (sink hole), gazing up at the towering karri trees from the floor of the sunken forest. During a guided tour, you'll see delicate crystal straws reflected in the water, and look out for droplets hanging from the tips of straws and stalactites - a sign that the formations are growing. Gaze up at towering karri trees as you descend into a crystal wonderland at Lake Cave.

    Mammoth Cave is the most easily accessible of all the show caves in the region, with wheelchair access to the first chamber. Larger groups of 15 or more will receive a guided tour, while smaller groups of visitors will pick up an MP3 self-guided audio tour to get started; available in English, French, German, Malay and Mandarin. Entering the cave through bushland via a gently sloping boardwalk, you'll realise just how much there is to see here. Over 10,000 fossils had at one time accumulated inside the cave; upon excavating, many of these were found to be remains of Australian Megafauna (giant animals) that became extinct around 46,000 years ago. There is even a 50,000-year-old 'zygomaturas' jawbone embedded in the cave wall.

    Jewel Cave is the biggest show cave in Western Australia; comprising three massive chambers. It is also home to one of the longest straw stalactites found in any tourist cave in Australia. Entering Jewel Cave is a magical experience, with a dazzling visual display of some of nature's finest and most meticulous work. Fully guided one-hour tours showcase the breathtaking magnitude of Jewel Cave. You will see towering crystal  creations that have taken thousands of years to form, and intricate decorations stretching and suspended across the ceiling, like vines and dancing cobwebs. You'll also hear stories of the now-extinct Tasmanian Tigers that fell into the cave and perished. Your awe-inspiring crystal journey is perfectly  complemented with the option of a self-guided Karri Walk through towering forest giants, at the end of your visit.

    Ngilgi Cave is an exquisitely decorated cave, and was Western Australia’s first tourist attraction. It is home to stunning stalactites, stalagmites, helicitites and beautifully coloured shawls. Ngilgi Cave is located near Yallingup, at the northern end of the Cape to Cape region. European discovery occurred in 1899, with the cave formerly being known as Yallingup Cave. The Semi-Guided Show Cave Tour is approximately one-hour duration, and begins with an introductory talk from the cave guide while being led down into the first chamber or ‘The Amphitheatre’. Visitors can then explore at their own pace, while another guide stationed in the centre of the cave can answer questions and provide more information on the many beautiful areas within the cave. Ngilgi Cave also offers ‘Adventure Tour’ options – giving thrill-seekers the opportunity to take a hardhat and lamp and venture off the boardwalks – for a two, three or four-hour adventure, led by an experienced guide.

    Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse is situated at the tip of a spectacular peninsula where the Southern and Indian Oceans meet - the most south-westerly point of Australia. As the tallest lighthouse on mainland Australia, Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse is a must-see attraction. Take a trip through maritime history and learn how this famous landmark was constructed from local limestone in 1895, and is still a vital working lighthouse for vessels navigating the treacherous cape. Your guide will then lead you on a half-hour tour to the top of the tower, where a vast seascape will unfold before you. Be awed by the crashing waves and the wilderness of the landscape. Before you climb the lighthouse, be sure to allow time for the self-guided audio tour of the precinct, available in English, German, French, Malay and Chinese. You will hear in-depth commentary on
    everything from tragic shipwrecks, to the flora of the cape. Complete your visit by relaxing over light refreshments at the Cape Leeuwin Cafe.

    Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse has an easy climb of 59 stairs, making this lighthouse accessible even for small children. Enjoy sweeping views of the ocean and Geographe Bay. The Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse and cottages reveal the fascinating maritime history of the region. Half-hour guided tours provide a fascinating insight into the functions of the working lighthouse, the life of the original lighthouse keepers, and several ghost stories that will send tingles down your spine! Visitors to the top balcony of the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse are rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views of the Indian Ocean, Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park and the beautiful Geographe Bay coastline. Easier than most lighthouses to climb, the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse is one of the most popular attractions in the Geographe Bay and Margaret River Region.



    Forest Adventures High Rope AND ARCHERY Park - Just up the Tuart Drive in the Ludlow Tuarts!

    Forest Adventures South West offers adrenalinE and fun filled courses and FLYING FOXEs among the majestic trees of the legendary Tuart Forest in the beautiful South West of Western Australia.
    Having combined world class European standards for safety and design with the South West’s supreme environment, we are proud to present Forest Adventures South West as one of the best of its kind with many unique activities in Australia.
    Located on more than 8 acres, Forest Adventures offers 77 activities set high among the trees catering for all skills, fitness and daring levels.
    - More than 500 meters of flying foxes
    - Uni-cycle up high, tarzan ropes
    - 13 meter base jump
    - BMX on a wire
    - Spider webs
    Choose your challenge!
    You will hang around in the trees, climb the ladders, balance on the suspended bridges and jump on up to 11 flying foxes with some spanning over 150 meters. Have fun with the whole family and challenge your friends on 6 unique courses of every level of adrenaline and fitness!!!













































































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